Get Your Brackets Ready and ‘Wrap’ Your Head Around I Dream of Falafel’s March Madness ‘Create Your Own Wrap’ Bracket

January 23, 2013

The excitement begins – watching and rooting for your team to advance from round to round in March Madness.  I Dream of Falafel’s getting in the spirit with their very own March Madness ‘Create Your Own Wrap’ Bracket.  It’s the ingredients, toppings and protein that I Dream of Falafel fans have grown to love and now guests can put their own ‘chef’ skills to the test by creating their own wrap using favorite I Dream of Falafel ingredients and combinations. 

How it works: Load it up. Pick your favorite ingredients from the I Dream of Falafel menu and create your ultimate wrap. You’re the chef so be as creative as you please. 

March 1 through March 15
Guests will submit their wrap creation to or the I Dream of Falafel Facebook page specifying each ingredient and quantity.

March 19 through April 7
Chef Henry Nuguid will pick the top two wrap submissions on March 19.  These two selected wraps will battle it out where I Dream of Falafel customers will have the chance to vote for their favorite wrap by ordering it in stores or voting on Facebook.  I Dream of Falafel will tally the wrap totals and the wrap with the most sales and Facebook votes wins.

NCAA Championship Game Day Monday, April 8
The lucky winner will be announced right before the game begins and will receive a $100 I Dream of Falafel gift certificate along with their winning wrap featured as a special menu item at all four I Dream of Falafel locations the entire month of April.

List of Accepted Ingredients

Laffa Bread

Sweet Potato Falafels
Original Falafels
Doner Kebab
Chicken Shawerma
Chicken Kebab
Steak Kebab 

Hummus (Regular or Red Pepper)
Golden Rice 

Toum (Garlic)
Spicy Tomato
IDoF Hot Sauce

Red Onion
Cabbage Slaw
Pickled Turnips 

March 1 through April 8.

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