Wild Garden Blooms with “Taste of the Mediterranean”: Marinades & Pilafs

January 25, 2017

Wild Garden  is expanding their brand of hummus and snack boxes by bringing authentic flavors of the Mediterranean right to your kitchen table. Due to the huge success of their specialty product line and the growth in popular demand at the retail level for Mediterranean foods, Wild Garden  brings world flavors to consumers with the launch of their new Quick Marinades and Heat and Serve Pilafs.

Thanks to the Ziyad Family, who has spent 50 years servicing the ethnic community through food, and Culinary Director, Chef Maher Chebaro, indulging in the finest flavors and spices of the Mediterranean has never been easier, healthier and is sure to become a pantry favorite. “We believe that the world is connected through food,” comments Partner Nezar Ziyad. “We want to be able to share some of the finest cuisines ranging from simple grains with delicious flavors to complete meals with our new Marinades and Pilafs.”

The chef-driven Taste of the Mediterranean  line introduces three all natural Marinades and three delicious Pilafs, perfectly blended with over 13 Eastern Mediterranean spices and oils.  In just ten-minutes, proteins are fully marinated and in 90-seconds the heat and serve pilafs create mouth-watering side dishes.

Savor a delicious cultural Mediterranean experience in minutes with the full-flavored quick marinades. Just pour the marinade on beef, poultry, lamb or seafood, chill, and ten minutes later, bake, grill, pan fry or roast. Ranging from delicious spit roasted street food to traditional Mediterranean fare; Wild Garden  has created three delectable marinades to capture a taste of the region:

  • Shawarma: blend of cardamom, cumin and herbs famously known throughout the Mediterranean.
  • Persian: blend of spices and herbs with notes of garlic, sumac and fennel.
  • Turkish: Turkish kebab recipe with an exotic blend of tomatoes, cumin and garlic.

The heat and serve pilafs add robust flavors and classic Mediterranean spices and can be conveniently ready in 90 seconds in a microwave or skillet. Replace ordinary side dishes with a tasty popular Mediterranean pilaf:

  • Bulgur: hearty bulgur wheat cooked in tomato sauce and Mediterranean herbs.
  • Couscous: a traditional Mediterranean dish known as Maftoul, made with pearled couscous and chickpeas in a zesty tomato sauce.
  • Rice and Lentils: a savory Mediterranean dish known as Mujadara, made with Basmati Rice, tender Lentils and caramelized onions.

Impress your family and friends with the Quick Marinades and Heat and Serve Pilafs by turning your average meals into simmering exotic Mediterranean dishes with just a few simple steps. Wild Garden’s  Taste of the Mediterranean  line is now available at an affordable cost at various grocery stores around the country as well as on their website.

For more information about the new Wild Garden  Taste of the Mediterranean  products visit the Wild Garden  website or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  @WildGardenFoods using hashtag #WildGardenEats.